» Another sneaky fee worms its way into your T&E

Another sneaky fee worms its way into your T&E

July 3, 2008 by Carol Katarsky
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An old policy is making a comeback — and it’ll rack up extra expenses for your company. To hook business travelers for more expensive tickets, airlines are bringing back minimum stay requirements. It works like this: The cheapest seats on flights to certain cities will require a one- to three-night stay, which means travelers will have to choose between an expensive trip or a few nights away from home.

And that creates a dilemma for your company: The cheaper flight will also mean more nights at a hotel, additional meals and maybe extra days’ rental car expenses. So a super cheap-o flight could easily cost you more when you factor in the additional travel expenses.

Not to mention that some employees will automatically book a more expensive flight without thinking about the cost simply because they’re eager to get home and sleep in their own beds.

To prevent problems, alert upper management now so they can settle on a definitive policy for how to handle the situation. Because it’s only going to become more common.

Right now, United’s the only airline using this new rule, but others are expected to follow suit — soon.

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