» Is your job recession proof?

Is your job recession proof?

August 28, 2008 by Carol Katarsky
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Even if your position is secure, it’s natural to be a little skittish in our stuttering economy.¬†It begs the question: Just how safe are Accounting jobs? ¬†According to a new report by Forbes, pretty darn safe.

The magazine’s recent list of “Top 10 recession-proof jobs” had three accounting titles on the list: Accounting Executive (No. 4), Accounting Staff (No. 5) and Finance Staff (No. 10).

While Accounting jobs may be among the safest, there are no guarantees of course. If you suspect your company may be looking to downsize in the future, you can best protect yourself by:

  • keeping up to date on the latest technology
  • being aware of industry trends, and
  • ensuring your manager knows the true value of the work you do.
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4 Responses to “Is your job recession proof?”

  1. J.M. Moore Says:

    I always considered accounting to be a safe field of employment. However, one must also keep in mind the type of industry involved. Being an accountant in the aerospace industry did not turn out to be a safe bet in the early nineties. Now I am an accountant for a school district, where I am guaranteed a job until I retire!

  2. Carol Katarsky Says:

    Great point J.M. A safe job in even a temporarily shaky industry is no guarantee. The nice thing about having solid accounting skills is that it gives you more flexiblity when you are looking for new opportunities.

  3. jason Says:

    Despite the stats, I see so many high paying accounting related jobs posted on employment sites – (networking) (aggregated lists) (matches you to jobs)

    I see 75K, 100K and 150K jobs

  4. Carol Katarsky Says:

    Jason, perhaps I misunderstand your point, but wouldn’t the fact that they are advertising for those positions indicate that Accounting positions are indeed among the safest ones in the current economic cycle?


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